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January 20th, 2008, 11:46 am

-The Warehouse-Revamped?-

Some of you might be really curious as to what's happened to my manga pages and their titles. Some of you might not have even noticed that anything has changed. XD;

Since the title, Clean Getaway, basically speaks about the obvious, a smooth escape, and I'm nowhere near any sort of escape in this one chapter of already 24 pages, I've decided to split the chapter in half. The first twenty pages are now known as Chapter One: The Brotherhood, while the latest four pages are known as Chapter Two: Clean Getaway.

Do you understand? If not, ask question please. I'll be MORE than happy to answer them for you. ^_^

Also, since I've used my latest deviation as the front cover for Chapter TWO now, I need a scene or idea for what the front cover of chapter ONE should be.

I'm thinking something that has all/or most of the Warehouse boys on it, doing whatever, since The Brotherhood is basically an introduction to them all. Any ideas, guys? ^_^

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